• Join Native Cavity-nesters in Their Fight for Survival
    By providing a nestbox for them, you can help make a difference.
    (photo by Kenn and Temple)
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  • Featured Nestbox: The Gilwood
    Why has this nestbox proved so attractive to Bluebirds? We talk with its designer, Steve Gilbertson, to find the answers.
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  • A Box for all Seasons
    Ideas to improve how the nestbox stands up to the elements, better protecting the birds inside.
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  • The HOSP Wars part II
    We continue the series with more information on controlling the House Sparrow. (photo by David Kinneer)
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  • Hanging Nestboxes in Trees
    In some areas this technique may be the only option to provide safe homes for cavity nesters (photo by Lee Pauser)
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  • New Nestbox Plans Added
    Five new plans added include two Wood Duck boxes, a Flying Squirrel nestbox and the Gilwood II.
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  • Cedar Nestboxes
    Are they harming the birds that nest in them? Some say yes.
    (photo by David Kinneer)
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  • Tips and Techniques
    Foiling wasps, woodgrain effects on PVC and other tips
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